Core values: QHSE

Creating added value for customers is what drives SixPointTwo. We strive to maintain durable relationships and respond innovatively to future challenges.






SixPointTwo is a fast-growing and dynamic organization with optimum growth opportunities. For our office in the Czech Republic we are always looking for motivated people, click on the button below and view our current vacancy offer.

Full service for your supply chain

Sheet metal production, powder coating and assembly. With these three ingredients, SixPointTwo offers supply chain services that prove themselves all around the world. The full service of SixPointTwo offers customers significant advantages: top class quality, short lead times and competitive Central European efficiency.

Good international reputation

Patient hoists for nurses in hospitals. Transport systems at the Amsterdam, Oslo and Jakarta airports, among others. Parcel handling systems of international delivery services and webshops, such as FedEx, Amazon and Zalando. These are just a few of the systems for which SixPointTwo can make valuable contributions.

Branches in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands

Sheet metal production, powder coating and assembly are carried out in the Humpolec branch (Czech Republic), headed by Dutch management. Our motivated and well-trained local experts have access to state-of-the-art machinery. The bulk of our daily deliveries from the Czech Republic are to customers located mainly in the Netherlands and Germany. Thus for them, SixPointTwo is just like any other company located round the corner! The sales force and the project management of SixPointTwo is located in Weert (the Netherlands).

Thinking along and tackling issues

SixPointTwo was founded in 2009 and currently employs around 100 persons. SixPointTwo is characterised by ‘a passion to serve’: we want to add value to the supply chains of our customers. Thus we think along them and dynamically approach all questions. Our engineers, for example, provide advice on smart production technologies or contribute to optimising product designs (co-engineering). Co-founder and director Marco Wielink puts it this way: “We are good in the production processes and in the logistics organisation around it. That is how we make the difference!”

About Us

SixPointTwo was founded in 2009 by two young Dutch entrepreneurs who wanted to respond to new developments in the semi-finished metal market. Major changes are taking place in the needs and wishes of customers in complex supply chains. For example, customers want to do more with fewer suppliers, and they increasingly prefer nearshoring over offshoring. In addition, they set up parallel supply chains, which allow faster response to specific demands. This ensures a shorter time-to-market.

An increasing number of customers are making use of our services. We have experienced strong growth from the very beginning. Each week, 9 trucks carry products from Humpolec to customers in Germany and the Netherlands, among others. In 2020, we had executed a total of 22,430 orders, completed 2,700 projects, and manufactured 648,137 different components.

SixPointTwo currently has 105 permanent employees in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and a turnover of 19 million euros. SixPointTwo is now a group comprising companies in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

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