Powder coating

The metal components that SixPointTwo manufactures are surface treated to ensure optimum protection. The most intensively used surface treatment is powder coating. A team of specialists guarantees perfect finishing.

In-house specialists

SixPointTwo has an advanced powder coating line, wherein the components can be coated manually as well as by robots. This ensures the full satisfaction of all visual and functional requirements. From pre-treatment to curing in the oven: the execution of all process stages is computer-controlled. Our specialists monitor the process. They check online whether the coating has excellent adhesion, and the correct thickness and lustre. Thanks to this controlled process, you are assured of a perfect end result.

Other surface treatments

Other surface treatments can be offered depending on the material and your preferences. We can also offer anodising, galvanising and chromium plating of components through collaborations with reliable partners. We guarantee optimum protection for your components irrespective of the surface treatment that you choose.